LB5300E_EGO Leaf Blower_LEFT_with_duck_nozzle_

As quick as the leaves are falling from the trees, leaf blowers are disappearing from our shelves.  Just like thinking of purchasing a fan during a heatwave, a leaf blowers is on one of those products that you think about when the leaves have already fallen and you end up with less choice as stocks have depleted.  At Cutting Edge Machinery we stock a large amount of leaf blowers all of the time so you can sure to get the exact model for your needs.

Leaf blowers and vacs are gardening tools that propel or suck air out of a nozzle to move debris, mainly leaves, twigs and grass cuttings, around.

A leaf blower is generally available in petrol and electric, but new battery models are now coming onto the market for more flexibility.

Invented by Aldo Vanerdmolen in the 50’s after a series of droughts on California, USA prohibited the use of water products in the garden.  Since it’s invention, leaf blowers have now become a integral garden tool for both commercial and domestic garden duties.

Your Leaf Blower and the Environment

Older 2 stroke engines were a contributor to air pollution but new models have become more efficient and less polluting.  For the environmentally conscious, the electric and battery alternatives have become ever more popular.

The latest battery operated leaf blowers combing both blowing and vacuuming in one system with petrol matching performance.  All this without the weight, noise and starting-issues that plague petrol powered machines.