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Don’t forget your Lawn Mower during the Heatwave


After weeks and weeks of blistering heat and very little rain, make sure your lawn does not turn into an arid dessert.  Our simple steps will get you lawn mowing your lush green grass in no time.

Step 1: Water Smart

If your lawn is established with good roots it should only need watering sporadically during the heatwave.  If you are watering your lawn though, ensure you only water in the early morning and late at night as scorching will occur if it is watered in direct sunlight.  During the hottest part of the day, the water will not have enough time to soak into the soil before it is evaporated by the heat.  Using a decent irrigation system in conjunction with a timer is ideal to give your lawn regular water.

Step 2: Don’t forget your Lawn Mower

Although your grass will not grow as well as when it is wet, it is still very important to encourage new growth by mowing regularly.  Make sure your lawn mower is set to the highest cutting length so you are only really skimming the surface.  Leave the cuttings on the grass as they will provide vital shade and extra nutrient to the growing grass.  Make sure your blades are sharp too, to get the that clean cut.  If you need your blades sharpening give Cutting Edge Machinery a call and book it in.

Step 3: Add Mulch to the Soil

The more mulch the better in this weather.  Mulch adds a cool barrier to the soil and holds in moisture.  Bark chips are also ideal for your borders.

Advice on Buying a Ride-on Mower or Garden Tractor Part 2

Westwood V230D Diesel Garden Tractor with 50

Collecting Grass and Mulching

Both ride-on and garden tractors have the function to collect grass and mulch, so below we will explain the benefits of both.

A large lawn will create a mass of grass cuttings.  where you put these cuttings will have an effect on how well the lawn will look.  You can either dispose of these clippings in your compost heap / composter  or recycle them onto your garden.

A ride-on mower or garden tractor with rear collection have an air flow system on cheaper models that push the cuttings in the collection box or bag, where as, the more expensive models use a powered sweeper to physically push them into the bag.  Be mindful of the size of the collection bag in relation to the size of your lawn as you don’t want to emptying it too many times during each mow.

In situations where you do not wish to collect the clippings then you can purchase a deflector which will evenly distribute them over the lawn as you mow.

A garden tractor with mid mount decks usually give you the option to spray the clippings from the sides if you want to recycle them back into the lawn.  In hot conditions like we are having right now, it is a good idea to spread your grass cuttings over the lawn to prevent scorching.

As an alternative to collecting and spreading, your ride-on mower or garden tractor could opt for a mulching feature.  With this option, the cutting blade cuts the grass extremely fine and blows them onto the lawn.  The cuttings then decompose over time and feed the lawn.

Advice on Buying a Ride-on Mower or Garden Tractor Part 1

Ride-on Mower

The primary job for a ride-on mower is to cut grass only.  Usually with the seat at the front the motor at the back they are the smaller of the 2 machines and usually have smaller cutting widths.  They are also cheaper to buy than garden tractors.

A garden tractor usually has a heavy duty engine, usually 11kw and higher.  whilst their cutting widths tend to be wider, they usually have others uses to just cutting grass like, towing, snow clearing and tilling to mention a few.  Due to their multi functions, larger engine sizes and robust build, they tend to be more expensive than the ride-on mower alternative.

Mowing on uneven lawns

If you have a steep or an uneven lawn it may be worth considering a ride-on mower or garden tractor with all wheel drive.  These mowers offer much better traction without destroying your lawn when the mowers wheels spin to gain traction.

It is worth looking at the most powerful engine that your budget allows and look for engines that have pump lubrication as this ensures that the engine receives oil all of the time during the most tasking gardens.

At Cutting Edge Machinery we will advise you on the best mowers based on your garden size and terrain and of course your budget.

A lawn with trees, bushes and other obstacles

In cases where your lawn has several obstacles including trees, bushes and ponds etc then we would suggest a model with zero turn.  These mowers are specifically designed to be able to turn on the spot to make it easier to go around anything that stands in your way on your lawn.  These types of mowers also make it easier to get you perfect striped lawn when you have to turn at each end.

Petrol Chainsaws for Professional Gardeners

MTD Petrol Chainsaw GCS250025T Top handle

Petrol chainsaws are aimed at the commercial market generally i.e. the professional gardener and landscaper.  A petrol chainsaw offers extra strong cutting performance allowing professionals to tackle the most demanding of jobs that an electric chainsaw would normally struggle with.

The most obvious advantage of a petrol chainsaw is the flexibility to use it anywhere without being tethered to a power cable.  Working at height and in remote locations is where they come into their own.

Understanding the basic workings of a petrol chainsaw will give you a better chance of determining faults as and when they arise.  That little bit of extra knowledge will give you a good head start when there are unexpected breakdowns.  With a regular service with Cutting Edge Machinery, this will help keep your petrol chainsaw in tip top condition throughout the season.

Knowing how to maintain and fit replacement parts is a necessary part of owning a petrol chainsaw or any other petrol machinery.  Most replacement parts like the chain only take a few minutes to replace, but it is also important to seek help and advice if you are unsure with any maintenance work.  Here at Cutting Edge Machinery we are only too happy to help and offer essential basic operation and maintenance advice when buying a chainsaw from us.

Petrol machinery, especially chainsaws, often operate in messy, damp and cold environments, so dust, dirt and water will get in.  Keeping the parts clean and clear is essential for the efficient and safe running of the chainsaw.  The petrol motor draws in a lot of air during operation and with that, it will inevitably suck in dirt, dust and water.  You filter can clog up very quickly, so knowing how to change your filter is essential to avoid potential lengthy down time.

For any advice or trianing on basic operation of your petrol chainsaw then please do not hesitate to contact Cutting Edge Machinery

Battery Powered Garden Machinery or Traditional Petrol

Battery Power Garden Machinery

Battery powered garden machinery because of their flexibility and power is revolutionising the garden and landscaping industry as well as the home user.

Recent polls have proved that many traditional gardeners and landscapers have their doubts as to whether Battery powered garden machinery would out do the performance of their petrol alternative.  The main doubt would be the overall power of the machines compared to petrol.  Many of the questions being asked by professionals are:

Are they as powerful as Petrol Machines?

When time is money, the main question about Battery powered garden machinery is, are they as powerful as their petrol alternative.  Obviously, if it takes longer to complete a job due to the power constraints this would have a negative affect on gardeners and landscapers.

How long do the batteries last?

Battery life is dependant on the work being carried out and which machine the battery is in.  The EGO batteries can be used in all of their products.  We recommend charging 1 battery whilst using the other.  With the various batteries and power options on offer battery life can be whatever you want it be. Their revolutionary Arc Lithium 56v battery technology delivers the industry’s highest energy capacity in a portable handheld battery. With a range of battery sizes available from 2.0Ah to 7.5Ah, choose the power you need to tackle any task.

How long do they take to charge?

The 2.0Ah takes just 25 minutes to fully charge whereas the 7.5Ah takes 145 minutes to charge, but last much longer and is ideal for use in remote areas where battery charge points are not available.

Battery Powered Machinery Pros

  • Plug and play for any product using the same battery
  • more reliable than petrol models
  • Quieter than petrol
  • Zero maintenance and fuel costs

Battery Powered Machinery Cons

  • Multiple batteries required for continuous use
  • Time to charge batteries

Petrol Powered Machinery Pros

  • Powerful Operation
  • Just add petrol and go

Petrol Powered Machinery Cons

  • Noisy to use
  • Regular maintenance required
  • Fuel costs
  • Heavy to use



Battery Powered Garden Machinery

Lawn Mowing Tips for A Healthier Lawn

lawn mowing

Lawn mowing sounds like an easy task but a lot goes into maintaining a healthy lawn.  Mowing the correct way will result in a lush, easy to maintain lawn that is thick enough to prevent weed and moss growth.  Mow the wrong way and your lawn will suffer and struggle to grow.  You must ensure that you are never cutting more than one third of the blade length.

You should attempt to overlap slightly on each run of the lawn to ensure you get an even cut.  To create straight lines on an uneven lawn or a lawn without a straight edge, mow down the centre of the lawn and then mow either side.  If you have wheels on your mower make sure you alternate your cutting pattern so that the wheel do not produce a groove or tramline in the ground.

Don’t be too worried about mowing to the edge as you can do this step last and create a professional border or frame to your lawn. ensure that you change the direction of your roller on your mower every month.

If you have left the grass to grow long or it is slightly damp then we advise that you reduce your cutting speed.  If you have raised areas of the lawn that tend to scalp, ensure that you raise the blade over these areas as a scalped lawn can be breeding ground for moss and weeds.

If you have sloped or shaded areas of the lawn, try raising the blade slightly and not cutting to much off as these areas will not grow as easy as areas that have plenty of sun on them.

If you notice a sheen or frayed look on your lawn after mowing then consider having your blade sharpened.  If you contact Cutting Edge Machinery we can get your blade sharpened for you.  Take a look at some of our services here

Maintain Your Lawn Mower for a Healthy Lawn


We are now at that time of year when the daffodils begin to shoot up and the weather is meant to start to improve.  Well, with no sign of that just yet we can still get you prepared to get your lawn ready for spring and that first cut of the season.  It’s time to ensure your lawn mower is ready and waiting for the new season.

Healthy Lawn Tips

1) Ensure you only cut a maximum of 2 thirds of the grass length per mow.

2) Always leave the grass cuttings on the lawn, but try and spread them out evenly.  There are valuable nutrients in the cut grass that feed back into your grass to help with a healthy lawn.

3) Get those pesky weeds when they’re in the early stages of growth.  A healthy lawn that is weed free will look stunning, so apply herbicide to grassy and broadleaf weeds early in spring to stunt their growth.

4) Use only a high quality lawn mower that has been regularly serviced and maintained to ensure a clean cut and reliability.  It is extremely annoying when you go to your lawn mower and there are mechanical problems.  Cutting edge machinery will ensure and guarantee your lawn mower after a full service to avoid these problems.

5) Make sure your lawn mower blades are freshly sharpened to ensure a crisp clean.  Your lawn will grow better if it is cleanly cut rather than jaggedly cut.  We recommend sharpening your blades once a year.  The cutting edge blade sharpening service will ensure a whole season of clean cuts.

6) Water your lawn early in the day to ensure that the suns rays don’t dry the moisture before it is soaked into the grass. most people think that watering at night is the right way but this can lead to disease in the grass.  You grass needs around 1-2 inches of water a week to stay healthy.

7) The quality of your grass seed has an effect on the health of your lawn.  cheaper seeds will more likely introduce weeds and other grasses to your lawn.  Most quality seeds will have a seed to weed ratio.  It should contain less than 0.1 percent per pack.

If you need any more information about the lawn mowers or ensuring a healthy lawn, then please get in touch

Mower Repairs In Time For The New Season

mower repairs

Whilst still in the grip of winter and the weather surprising us each day, now is the perfect time to consider any mower repairs or servicing that need doing before the season changes and the weather starts to improve.  Now is the time to beat the rush with those last minute mower repairs or servicing required.

Cutting Edge Machinery have been supplying and servicing petrol lawnmowers for over 20 years and we have the expertise and knowledge to repairs mowers of all ages, makes and models including Cub Cadet, Hayter, Lawnflite, Mowmaster and MTD to name just a few.

Mower repairs or servicing are just one of those jobs that we put off every day, but with spring fast approaching, you don’t want to be going to your shed or garage only to find you mower is need of some serious TLC or repair.

Now is the time to book into Cutting Edge Machinery for any mower repairs or servicing you may need.

Salt Spreaders to Improve Mobility and Safety

45-0502-Salt Spreaders

We’ve already been gripped by the cold chill of Winter and many of us would have been cutoff by the sudden and unexpected recent snowfall.  Ensure you are not caught out again and be prepared with our push-type broadcast salt spreaders.

Our manual gritters are used for spreading grit salt in many outdoor locations such as car parks, foot paths and anywhere where the risk of slips and falls on ice needs to be reduced. Using salt spreaders to grit high use areas can provide a better working environment for employees and a better experience for customers, showing care for their well being.

A great all-rounder, the Agri-Fab 45-0502 Salt Spreader push-type broadcast spreader is designed for ice control during winter to help you tackle winter’s worst, as well as lawn and garden maintenance during spring, summer and autumn.

The large 59kg (130lb) hopper capacity provides roughly 25,000 square feet coverage so you can get the job done quickly. The enclosed commercial grade gear box allows smooth rolling and easy maintenance.

The Agri-Fab 45-0502 Salt Spreader features pneumatic tyres for easy manoeuvrability, together with professional alloy beveled gear for increased durability. Also included is a hopper cover to keep the material dry, a salt spreader grate to improve material flow and spreader performance and deflector to narrow the spread pattern.

Leaf Blowers | The ‘Must Have’ Garden Tool This Autumn


Leaf blowers and vacs are gardening tools that propel or suck air out of a nozzle to move debris, mainly leaves, twigs and grass cuttings, around.

Leaf blowers are generally available in petrol and electric, but new battery models are now coming onto the market for more flexibility.

Invented by Aldo Vanerdmolen in the 50’s after a series of droughts on California, USA prohibited the use of water products in the garden.  Since it’s invention, leaf blowers have now become a integral garden tool for both commercial and domestic garden duties.

Leaf Blowers and the Environment

Older 2 stroke engines were a contributor to air pollution but new models have become more efficient and less polluting.  For the environmentally conscious, the electric and battery alternatives have become ever more popular.

The latest battery operated leaf blowers combing both blowing and vacuuming in one system with petrol matching performance.  All this without the weight, noise and starting-issues that plague petrol powered machines.

Book Your Winter Service in November For Your Chance To Win

cutting edge winter service

LB4801E battery leaf blowerBook you winter service in November for any of your garden machinery so that they are ready for next year and be in with a chance of winning an Ego Power Plus Blower worth £219

The EGO LB4801E battery leaf blower is amongst the most powerful rechargeable blower on the market and the first to perform better than many premium petrol-powered models.

It runs on the industry’s first-ever 56-volt Lithium-Ion battery with 40% more power than the leading 40-volt battery. TheEGO LB4801E battery leaf blower delivers the performance of petrol without the noise, fuss and fumes.


If you book in November you will receive the full 15% discount of your winter service labour costs, this reduces to 10% if booked in December and 5% if booked in January.  Book your winter service now on 01527 68295



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