Aug 7, 2018

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Don’t forget your Lawn Mower during the Heatwave


After weeks and weeks of blistering heat and very little rain, make sure your lawn does not turn into an arid dessert.  Our simple steps will get you lawn mowing your lush green grass in no time.

Step 1: Water Smart

If your lawn is established with good roots it should only need watering sporadically during the heatwave.  If you are watering your lawn though, ensure you only water in the early morning and late at night as scorching will occur if it is watered in direct sunlight.  During the hottest part of the day, the water will not have enough time to soak into the soil before it is evaporated by the heat.  Using a decent irrigation system in conjunction with a timer is ideal to give your lawn regular water.

Step 2: Don’t forget your Lawn Mower

Although your grass will not grow as well as when it is wet, it is still very important to encourage new growth by mowing regularly.  Make sure your lawn mower is set to the highest cutting length so you are only really skimming the surface.  Leave the cuttings on the grass as they will provide vital shade and extra nutrient to the growing grass.  Make sure your blades are sharp too, to get the that clean cut.  If you need your blades sharpening give Cutting Edge Machinery a call and book it in.

Step 3: Add Mulch to the Soil

The more mulch the better in this weather.  Mulch adds a cool barrier to the soil and holds in moisture.  Bark chips are also ideal for your borders.


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