Mar 12, 2018

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Lawn Mowing Tips for A Healthier Lawn

lawn mowing

Lawn mowing sounds like an easy task but a lot goes into maintaining a healthy lawn.  Mowing the correct way will result in a lush, easy to maintain lawn that is thick enough to prevent weed and moss growth.  Mow the wrong way and your lawn will suffer and struggle to grow.  You must ensure that you are never cutting more than one third of the blade length.

You should attempt to overlap slightly on each run of the lawn to ensure you get an even cut.  To create straight lines on an uneven lawn or a lawn without a straight edge, mow down the centre of the lawn and then mow either side.  If you have wheels on your mower make sure you alternate your cutting pattern so that the wheel do not produce a groove or tramline in the ground.

Don’t be too worried about mowing to the edge as you can do this step last and create a professional border or frame to your lawn. ensure that you change the direction of your roller on your mower every month.

If you have left the grass to grow long or it is slightly damp then we advise that you reduce your cutting speed.  If you have raised areas of the lawn that tend to scalp, ensure that you raise the blade over these areas as a scalped lawn can be breeding ground for moss and weeds.

If you have sloped or shaded areas of the lawn, try raising the blade slightly and not cutting to much off as these areas will not grow as easy as areas that have plenty of sun on them.

If you notice a sheen or frayed look on your lawn after mowing then consider having your blade sharpened.  If you contact Cutting Edge Machinery we can get your blade sharpened for you.  Take a look at some of our services here


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