Feb 7, 2018

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Maintain Your Lawn Mower for a Healthy Lawn


We are now at that time of year when the daffodils begin to shoot up and the weather is meant to start to improve.  Well, with no sign of that just yet we can still get you prepared to get your lawn ready for spring and that first cut of the season.  It’s time to ensure your lawn mower is ready and waiting for the new season.

Healthy Lawn Tips

1) Ensure you only cut a maximum of 2 thirds of the grass length per mow.

2) Always leave the grass cuttings on the lawn, but try and spread them out evenly.  There are valuable nutrients in the cut grass that feed back into your grass to help with a healthy lawn.

3) Get those pesky weeds when they’re in the early stages of growth.  A healthy lawn that is weed free will look stunning, so apply herbicide to grassy and broadleaf weeds early in spring to stunt their growth.

4) Use only a high quality lawn mower that has been regularly serviced and maintained to ensure a clean cut and reliability.  It is extremely annoying when you go to your lawn mower and there are mechanical problems.  Cutting edge machinery will ensure and guarantee your lawn mower after a full service to avoid these problems.

5) Make sure your lawn mower blades are freshly sharpened to ensure a crisp clean.  Your lawn will grow better if it is cleanly cut rather than jaggedly cut.  We recommend sharpening your blades once a year.  The cutting edge blade sharpening service will ensure a whole season of clean cuts.

6) Water your lawn early in the day to ensure that the suns rays don’t dry the moisture before it is soaked into the grass. most people think that watering at night is the right way but this can lead to disease in the grass.  You grass needs around 1-2 inches of water a week to stay healthy.

7) The quality of your grass seed has an effect on the health of your lawn.  cheaper seeds will more likely introduce weeds and other grasses to your lawn.  Most quality seeds will have a seed to weed ratio.  It should contain less than 0.1 percent per pack.

If you need any more information about the lawn mowers or ensuring a healthy lawn, then please get in touch


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